6 Competitors

The management team at Quaaout Lodge does review competitors’ offerings and pricing on a regular basis. Research is critical; however, mostly it has confirmed the decisions made at the lodge about offerings and prices.

As an example, Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa, located in Lake County north of Kelowna, is a competitor, specifically for the wellness aspect. Prices are higher, and the resort does not offer weddings nor does it allow pets or kids. Other competitive considerations are Sun Peaks Grand or resorts in the Banff area for bus tours. Local venues are available for weddings but do not offer all in one place as a package (e.g., ceremony, food, accommodation, and activities).

Participants in corporate retreats often want to be in a city to take advantage of “things to do,” and Quaaout Lodge is secluded. Therefore, the lodge is appropriate for the right corporate meeting and not so suitable for others.


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