On January 14, 2020, an interview was conducted with Alexandra Miege and Cammeo Goodyear. The meeting took place at Quaaout Lodge in Chase, BC. The interviewees shared with the case study team their background, experiences, and plans for the lodge, specific to their areas of responsibility and history of employment.

In addition, information was contributed in written form by Adam Blair, General Manager and Executive Golf Professional at Quaaout Lodge.


Cammeo Goodyear is the Rooms Division Manager, managing housekeeping, front desk including tours, reservations, and administration. She was born and raised in Bella Coola, BC and completed most of her education in Kamloops. While visiting Quaaout Lodge, Cammeo felt an instant connection: “I walked through the doors and told my husband that if I couldn’t work here, I couldn’t work anywhere else.” After starting as a part-time employee, she now manages multiple departments.

“It’s just such a beautiful, beautiful place, and what the Quaaout Lodge stands for for the local community is absolutely amazing. When I walked in, I just found myself so calm and so grounded, and […] I just fell in love with the feeling of this place.”

Alex Miege is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing at Quaaout Lodge, having worked on location since mid-2018. She is local to the Shuswap area, and her education includes a Bachelor of Tourism Management as well as an Events and Convention Management Diploma from TRU. Her work experience also includes the golf industry. She also connected strongly with the lodge and its surroundings during her interview, calling it “unique and really special to be a part of.”

Adam Blair, General Manager and Executive Golf Professional, contributed via email. It is apparent that all departments work closely together, communicating and leaning on each other, to produce a team effort.

“We are a family here.”


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